Carter + Burton Architecture in Berryville, Virginia, is excited to announce its participation in the sixth edition of the biennial architecture exhibition, “Time Space Existence,” at the Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy. The show opened on May 20, 2023, and will run until Nov. 26, 2023. The European Cultural Centre (ECC) Italy in collaboration with Open Space Venice has curated a diverse assortment of works from various international architects, artists, designers, academics and photographers to draw audience attention toward new expressions of sustainability in response to climate change. As the only Virginia architecture firm represented at the show, Carter + Burton takes immense pride in representing regional perspectives internationally.

Architect Jim Burton and his design team planned and shaped the exhibit over the course of six months. “Tectonics and Craft for a Critical Regionalism” is a display with four sections that demonstrate the firm’s commitment to the themes of the exhibition. A vertical totem of mentors and inspirations includes Raphael Moneo, Jane Jacobs, Sam Mockbee, Chris Risher, George Nakashima, Joe Lstiburek and others. “It has been a pleasure going back to celebrate those who have inspired our work from our early development,” says Burton, “while also featuring the craftspeople who have provided the time and care to create their best work.”

The 9-meter long  exhibit is anchored with a display shelf of sample materials and collaborators including builders, makers and designers. The backdrop features new designs and a film touching on the history of the work and its evolving diversity.   

“It gives a detailed overview of Carter + Burton’s approach on architecture, in a meaningful  and extensive way,” says Suzanne van der Borg, an exhibition organizer with the ECC’s architecture section. Van der Borg is one of 13 organizers who cover architecture, art, design, and sculpture for ECC Italy, a satellite of the Netherlands-based European Cultural Centre, founded in 2002 by Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer and responsible for more than 50 exhibitions in 10 countries. 

Throughout its portfolio, Carter + Burton has tested regional and universal materiality in its forward-thinking microclimate responses. Collaborations with craftsmen, designers and cutting-edge building systems reflect its process of blending site, program, technical innovation and tasteful artistry. The firm has been passionate about combining modern, sustainable and contextual design. Highlighted projects incorporate net zero logic, natural light, acoustic engineering and eco-friendly building materials while advancing the evolving building science discussion.

Carter + Burton cares deeply about connecting structure and space to site conditions, making sure each project inspires a storytelling spirit borne out of craft and those who make it possible. Some details feature a handmade rigor; others are fabricated remotely for integration, providing a diverse approach. This hybrid vigor creates beauty and pride in placemaking. 

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