New Book Offers Real-World, Interdisciplinary STEM Lessons Using Architecture to Bridge Disciplinary Divides

Architecture education activist and author Arnaldo D. Cardona, whose career has been focused on advancing interdisciplinary learning approaches, published an innovative curriculum guide with today’s classrooms in mind. By providing hands-on activities that demonstrate how architecture is an ideal springboard to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he integrates interdisciplinary strategies, critical thinking, standards of learning, rubrics, and portfolio assessment. Using a performance-based approach, he lays a solid educational foundation in which students learn by discovery.

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Housing for Humans

If you recently converted a seldom-used room into an office or your basement into a home theater, you already understand the upside of transforming unused spaces into productive areas that “work,” rather than sit idle.

Finding new ways to use existing spaces is a concept that has fueled the innovative, affordable housing solutions created by architect Ileana Schinder.

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North Atlantic Cities

From Amsterdam in 1600 to London and Washington today, the people who live beside the North Atlantic Ocean have built cities with row houses. But why? Why do London and Washington have row houses while Paris and Minneapolis do not?  With this question, Charles Duff began his exploration of the world’s row house cities.

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