Jefferson Davis Plinth following the removal of the statue, Richmond, Va. 07/02/20

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SAH Supports Removal of Confederate Monuments

“Because scholarly consensus indicates that the original intent of monuments to the Confederacy was to reinforce racist ideals, a concept that should be abhorrent to all Americans, SAH supports and encourages the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces. Their existence can no longer be justified based on aesthetics, as works of art or public sculpture.”

Woman on chair with stripped shirt 07/01/20

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AIA Launches Sixth Annual Film Challenge

The AIA Film Challenge invites architects, filmmakers, and storytellers to submit a 60- to 90-second mini documentary film. Films should tell the story of architects partnering with communities and civic leaders to design a healthy, sustainable, just world that improves peoples’ lives.

Subtle Acts of Inclusion book cover 06/30/20


On the Shelf: Subtle Acts of Exclusion

Does your workplace foster an inclusive culture? Don’t be so sure. While overt racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination are relatively easy to spot, you shouldn’t neglect the subtler, everyday actions that normalize exclusion at work.