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Wellness and Design for Sea Level Rise

While coastal Virginia experiences significant sea level rise that threatens human well-being, the creative and technical expertise of Virginia’s architects is needed to holistically imagine and integrate buildings, public spaces, and infrastructure in unprecedented ways.

Lauren Shumate 05/20/20


Designer Q & A: Lauren Shumate, AIA

When I began my first job, I was surprised by how collaborative architecture is as a profession — a contrast to the classroom. I enjoyed learning about and participating in that collaboration as other architects, engineers, clients, and stakeholders worked together towards a common goal.

close up of grass and tiny fungus 05/21/20


Turning Inspiration into Climate Action

With the stress and uncertainty of this unprecedented moment, who wants to talk about the urgency of climate change? Yet it is precisely now that it matters most. What have we learned from life during COVID-19 that might apply to climate action?