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Epic Metals is committed to being one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the industry while offering a superior roof and floor deck ceiling system with numerous features and benefits for the architectural community. EPIC’s structural roof and floor deck ceiling panels have been constructed into 345 LEED certified projects in 41 states. EPIC’s Envista, Toris, and Wideck systems give architects multiple appearance options. These structural panels can enable long spans to 58’ and have superior acoustic options, hanging systems, access panels, air dams, and hidden roofing fasteners. Various features are built-in to EPIC roof and floor deck ceiling systems to facilitate function and aesthetics to create a unique focal point in building architecture. New products include woodgrain finishes, architectural/sun screens, and cloud ceilings. EPIC has been a member of the USGBC for 18 years and practices sustainable manufacturing through the utilization of solar and wind energy. Solar Panel Installations at four Epic facilities have generated over 2,408,154 kWh of electricity from the sun, estimated to have reduced 2,552,122 pounds of CO2. EPIC also utilizes wind turbines, geothermal heating /cooling and electric vehicle charging stations.