Now more than ever, homeowners need long-term design solutions in their homes. People are working from and staying home more often these days; because they’re spending more time there, they need to optimize those spaces.

Here’s how some designers have created indulgent and luxurious experiences for homeowners, even when they’re just staying in for the weekend.

Today’s Trends: Designing for Comfort

Tishman Speyer Studio.
Tishman Speyer Studio. Image courtesy of Nydree.

More people are creating fun, relaxing experiences in their homes these days, as opposed to going out with friends or leaving town for a vacation. Many homeowners are also living in their homes longer and aging-in-place.

But industry professionals explain some of the trade-offs to staying home. “Staying in a home must be financially sustainable, but it should also maximize physical, social, and emotional well-being,” according to Karan Kaul with Urban Institute.

Architects and builders can help homeowners of all ages create home designs that they’ll love for decades, and the right wood flooring product offers a few solutions.

Creating Long-Term Comfort with Wood

Image courtesy of Nydree.

Hardwood floors have always been on trend in residential design. Hardwood brings a feeling of warmth to a space and works seamlessly with most other design elements.

Durable wood flooring makes a lot of sense in residential applications because it can last for decades, especially when engineered hardwood flooring is available. Acrylic-infused engineered hardwood flooring offers a few benefits for homeowners who want a product that’s reliable and stylish.

There are some bonuses that go beyond reliability, though, when it comes to acrylic-infused hardwood.

Dog- and Family-Friendly

Designers should select engineered hardwood floors that will stand up to high-traffic households with pets. Floors won’t scratch like traditional hardwood if acrylic-infused wood flooring with a proper topcoat finish is used.

Dog on engineered hardwood flooring
Image courtesy of Nydree.


Wood is popular in green design because it’s a sustainable building material: It’s renewable and can be grown again after it’s harvested. Innovative hardwood products can also be reused and recycled to reduce the amount of waste produced in the manufacturing process.

Return on Investment

Wood floors are an appealing design detail, and if homeowners decide to put their home on the market, then high-quality, long-lasting flooring can be an attractive selling point.

Long-Lasting Appeal

Acrylic-infused hardwood is designed to stay strong and stand up to damage over a longer period of time. Traditional hardwood floors are prone to scratches and dents and can require a lot of costly maintenance (and refinishing) to look good.

Indoor Air Quality

According to a Harris Interactive study, the vast majority of U.S. homeowners believe their family’s health is directly related to the cleanliness of their floors, and that wood floors are the most effective at improving indoor air quality. With acrylic-infused hardwood, homeowners get real wood, peace of mind and durability they can count on.

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