Fond memories of vast open spaces from the owner’s childhood in Iowa inspired the design for Mossy Rock — neatly blending the openness of a contemporary home with the simplicity of a vernacular structure.

The home, designed by Bushman Dreyfus Architects, is tucked at the end of a long field and protected by a slight rise in the land to the west. The western view capitalizes on this expansive, yet simple, meeting of sky and grass to reveal a bit of mid-western immensity hidden within the rolling central-Virginia topography.

Reminiscent of barns and other traditional structures, vertical cypress siding laps slightly over window frames, without casing or trim. Window sills, rake, and eave boards are covered in sheet copper radiating a rustic warmth. Expansive windows and doors to the west and south are shaded by generous porches and overhangs — a seamless extension of the small manicured lawn.

Separate roofs shelter the public and private living spaces which are connected by a well-organized kitchen. Cypress, copper and stone on the exterior are complimented on the interior by doors, windows and cabinets in white oak.

The house employs a grid-tied solar array that is connected to the electrical grid, allowing it to use electricity from both. Mechanical systems and lighting are specified for efficiency and energy loads are kept to a minimum through shading and careful site placement. Super-insulated triple-pane glass fills the window openings and the roof is insulated to twice the code minimum.

Project Details

Project Name: Mossy Rock (Free Union, Va.)

Owner: Anonymous

Firm Name: Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Contractor: Dammann Construction

Photographers: Stephen Barling, Will Kerner