Monticello: Live Virtual Tours

Contributor: Margaret Hancock

As we continue to practice social distancing and avoid large groups, we cultural minds must identify new outlets for engagement and education. Monticello recently launched a live virtual tour that meets these needs through an hour-long look into the lifestyle, influences, stories, and, of course, architecture of Thomas Jefferson and his “little mountain” home in Charlottesville.  

Tour-goers buy tickets online, connect via Zoom at the selected start time, and follow a Monticello tour guide live-time. The red ropes are removed, the crowds are gone, and the camera is both zooming into all of the unique architectural features and out across the vast mountaintop panorama for a visitor experience like no other. The best part is that the session is not previously recorded, but an interactive experience with opportunities for questions and requests. “Can I see that Italianate detail again?” Yes, you can.

$10 per connection

Schedule your live tour here