Ila Berman: Creating a Proud Architecture

black and white photograph of Ila Berman in profile

Ila Berman is an architect, educator, theorist, and curator of shows and content about architecture and urbanism and, from 2016 to 2021, Dean of the School of Architecture, and Edward E. Elson Professor at the University of Virginia. Her design work and installations have been exhibited in many public and private galleries and museums including the International Architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy. She regularly serves on national and international design juries including those for the AIA National and its chapters.

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“As-Built” Pride Happy Hour

Calling all Richmond LGBTQ+ community members and allies within the building design and construction industry. Please join YAF RVA for our inaugural “As-Built” Happy Hour to celebrate Pride Month this June. “As-Built” is a grass roots initiative to create an inclusive space in which LGBTQ+ members can network and build a local, supportive community. Space is limited and registration is required.

Register online.