The seven-story, Classical Revival-style bank in Roanoke, Virginia opened in 1910 as home to First National Bank. Today, the interiors of the Liberty Trust Building — which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Virginia Historic Landmark — have been transformed by Glavé & Holmes Architecture (G&HA) into Roanoke’s newest boutique hotel.

G&HA’s interior design team worked with the architect, to refresh the historic interior spaces including entrance vestibule, lobbies, mezzanine, and double-loaded corridor configuration on the upper floors. Character-defining features and finishes preserved include marble floors and trim, decorative plaster and wood-coffered ceilings, teller counters, bank vault, and the copper-faced doors and trim on upper floors. Minor modifications were made to accommodate current building code requirements and the operations of a modern hotel. Specific preservation challenges included reconfiguring original and modified corridors and offices to accommodate hotel rooms, and creating built-in furnishings in guest rooms to take advantage of historic tax credits.

Fifty-four guest rooms are built into this 8-story building of just under 40,000 square feet. The property features a grand lobby space with a bar and lounge area, including a tasting room in the elaborately detailed former vault. The design inspiration was drawn from architectural and decorative elements, integrating historic bank-oriented design accents into contemporary and elegant guest rooms. With details varying from “bank passbook” room cards to local Roanoke signage, a unique experience welcomes each guest.

Today, The Liberty Trust Building remains in a remarkable state of preservation from its Roman Ionic columned entrance to the Doric columns of the main hall derived from the Temple of Apollo at Delos. These along with bronze main doors, the granite exterior with carved rosettes, and balustrade roof carry visitors and guests back to a bygone era while simultaneously beckoning them to enjoy the best of contemporary hospitality as The Liberty Trust Hotel.

Architect: Balzer and Associates

Historic Preservation Consultant: Hill Studio

Interior Designer: Glavé & Holmes Architecture